About Us

Our Goal

To ensure all Allied Health service provision delivers efficient and effective outcomes.

We believe to achieve our goal the following is necessary:

  • Streamlined and sustainable business practices
  • Progressive adaptation to the external environment
  • Provision of person-centred information and care in accessible formats
  • Existence of and adherence to progressive professional standards​​
  • The ability to influence policy at the highest level
  • Demonstration of the impact of service provision on client
    outcomes and health care costs
  • Awareness and use as appropriate of the latest technology

Our Ethos:

  • We care about your consumers
  • We want to enable health care environments that as practitioners and consumers we want to be a part of
  • We believe accessible and effective allied health services are positive for society

The Motivation

Allied Health Specialist Consultants was born out of the recognition that efficient and effective allied health services can positively impact the current unsustainable rise in healthcare costs. Emerging evidence suggests that with increased prevalence of chronic disease, allied health service provision and informed consumers are two likely pathways toward improving health outcomes and decreasing costs. We are passionate about using our skills to facilitate these two areas in order to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible.

AHSC Founder

Jackie O’Connor

Master of Health Services Management (candidate);

Bachelor Prosthetics & Orthotics with Honours

“The thrill of achievement at the end of a project which you know will keep healthcare consumers safer, improve their lives and generally make it nicer for people to go to work is such a great feeling all round. I want to facilitate that feeling for as many organisations as possible”.

Jackie is the founder of AHSC. Jackie is an accomplished allied health professional with 15 years of clinical, managerial, project, policy and research experience. Jackie’s broad involvement with the allied health sector facilitates her unique and holistic perspective to health service delivery and management and allows her skills to be applied to a wide-range of areas. Jackie’s person-centred-care skills have heightened since her Type 1 diabetes diagnosis and subsequent focus in this area for her Masters research.

Career Overview

  • Project management experience as an employee and consultant; from grant applications to project delivery
  • Policy writing and synthesis of policy information for practical application
  • Content development for online forums
  • University lecturing and curriculum development
  • Assistive technology user to manage Type 1 diabetes
  • Person-centred-care – research and written articles
  • Clinical experience - private/public, paediatric/adult, acute/rehabilitation/outpatient sectors across various locations
    both national and international
  • Managerial experience within an A1 Metropolitan multi-site Tertiary Hospital

For a more detailed summary of Jackie’s skills and experience:

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