Who We Work With

Government agencies


Health services procuring P&O services

Policy developers

Professional associations

Support and advocacy groups


Service providers

Assistive technology suppliers


We work with you to implement a project or arrangement which ensures substantial value and desired outcomes are achieved within targeted timeframes.

Typically, this involves:

  • Contact us regarding what you require
  • We meet with you to discuss your ideas and better understand your organisation
  • We provide a project proposal outlining tasks, timelines and costs or review your required terms
  • We work with you to refine the agreement and ensure outcomes, value and expectations are clear
  • We apply our knowledge and skills to your unique situation
  • We provide regular updates during the engagement and produce the agreed deliverables on time
  • You have progressed your strategic plan in a low-risk, cost-effective manner
  • Between engagements we share relevant information for your consideration
  • We value your feedback at any time

5 reasons working with AHSC is cost-effective:

  • Available on an as needs basis – no financial risk if skills are not in demand
  • We share our skills and knowledge with your employees and embed them within your systems to reduce your need for us
  • Aim to work virtually – no space required
  • Up to date knowledge is our responsibility not yours
  • Won’t start until the outcomes and value we will provide are clear

Much of our work is confidential, however, here are examples of who we work with and how we help them.

National Disability Insurance Scheme:

  • Conduct individual request advisory services
  • Assist with data analysis to inform policy and process changes
  • Trial and implementation of alternative solutions

State Government funding and service provision regulator:

  • Conduct individual request advisory services
  • Identify policy update requirements
  • Summarise evidence and make recommendations for service provision
  • Conducted future scoping review re likely technology and systems impact on policy and service provision
  • Reviewed and made recommendations re provider requirements and documentation

Public Health Service:

  • Informed, developed and reviewed profession specific aspects of tender specifications
  • Participated in tender evaluation committee

Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association:

  • Established and ran a workshop for Orthotists/Prosthetists relating to implementing and utilising outcome measures

Allied Health Professions Australia:

  • Identified and coordinated provision of information suitable for Allied Health Leaders network

Australian Diabetes Educators Association:

  • Education review to inform national professional development framework

National Alliance of Self Regulating Health Professions (NASRHP):

  • Desk-top evidence review and summary
  • Development of recommended standards


  • Content development for Amputee Fact Sheets
  • Content revision for information assisting consumers to develop SMART goals
  • Written articles for Amplified Magazine


  • Sessional lecturing and OSCE assessment
  • Curriculum development including work integrated learning

Service providers

  • ISO planning
  • Business expansion research, planning and business case formulation

Assistive Technology Suppliers

  • Prosthetic and Orthotic market information
  • Stakeholder identification and communication
  • Product accessibility


To discuss how AHSC can progress your organisation contact us.