What We Do

Our unique and diverse range of knowledge and skills can be quickly applied to your organisation’s needs; both specific to prosthetics and orthotics and more broadly across allied health and assistive technology as appropriate.

We work with you in any way that our skills can offer value and achieve your desired outcomes but here’s some suggestions of how we can help.

Service evaluation and revision

Whether the service you oversee is clinical or regulatory we can assist you to implement, analyse and interpret performance data and subsequently work with you to develop, recommend and implement solutions. This process will give you confidence in your oversight mechanisms and opportunities for workflow efficiencies

  • Review current service models including analysis and interpretation of internal data to help identify trends, their likely cause and/or impact
  • Present solutions and recommendations suited to your unique organisation which are congruent with your goals and risk appetite
  • Implement data collection practices to ensure measurement of relevant outcomes and the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of changes
  • Identify education needs
  • Develop, revise and/or implement governance requirements as required to ensure recommendations are embedded

Strengthening of regulation

We can help you develop and/or revise policies, processes and guidelines that provide you with confidence in your oversight mechanisms and performance evaluation

  • Determine,introduce, document and evaluate Key Performance Indicators
  • Assist with developing clinically informed, practical policies as new prosthetic and orthotic techniques, technology and service delivery options become available
  • Apply nationwide knowledge of regulatory systems to ensure your organisation aligns and/or interfaces with others as desired
  • Assist with communication to ensure policy achieves what you intended

Establishing new services

We can help you integrate a Prosthetic & Orthotic service to your existing allied health and medical services, or establish an outreach clinic from your current service

  • Assess service demand to determine scope, staffing and funding requirements
  • Help you determine appropriate workflow models
  • Assist with governance arrangements- policies, processes & KPI’s suitable for the level of oversight and risk management desired

Procurement of services

Provide subject matter expertise that enable informed decision making throughout a tender process as you engage the services of an external prosthetic and orthotic provider

  • Develop/review/inform profession specific aspects of tender documents, particularly KPI’s, decreasing governance risks, interfaces with alternative regulators, comparison to best or common practice
  • Establish internal operational guidelines to ensure oversight and successful integration of procured service
  • Answer applicant enquiries during the tender application process
  • Participate in tender assessment panel

Profession updates

Enable you to take a proactive approach to management, make informed decisions and apply best practice by ensuring you have the latest information at your fingertips

  • Research and summarise:
  • Profession specific technology and system developments
  • Governance and/or regulation changes
  • Current evidence base on a specific topic
  • Opportunities and threats as regulation of interfacing services change

Staff Recruitment

  • Independent profession specific knowledge on your interview panel to ensure fully informed recruitment decisions

Funding request advisory services

  • Conduct independent information reviews and make recommendations specific to your organisation’s guidelines to enable prompt decision making
  • Collaborate with your staff by providing them with the specific prosthetic and orthotic knowledge required to enable their decision making
  • Liaise directly with clinicians regarding clarity of information and outcomes

Stakeholder communication

Decision outcomes, process requirements, changes to policies and other aspects all require clear communication in audience specific terminology to ensure clarity among the target audience

  • Develop and/or review written documentation with terminology and language altered for each stakeholder group
  • Conduct webinars or face to face workshops for communication to stakeholders of detailed or more complex topics

Professional Standards development, revision, implementation

When it’s time to review your competency and other regulatory standards, we can work independently or collaboratively to complement your staff to ensure you have all the resources and expertise required

  • Research of standards and evidence to inform project planning
  • Information and data collection
  • Written development and review
  • Communication of standards to stakeholders


We can deliver education specific to your needs via the most appropriate and cost-effective medium for the task; paper-based, web-based or face to face

  • Students in relevant courses
  • Consumers and/or providers of relevant services
  • Staff across relevant organisations from Allied Health staff for regulators to prosthetic and orthotic clinical staff needing assistance on a certain topic

Consumer experience evaluation

Evaluating the consumer experience can help you to identify and prioritise service improvement initiatives and ensure targeted policy reform and development

  • Implement and/or conduct consumer survey and analysis based on research principles