What We Do

What elements of your strategic plan need enacting to improve services for your key stakeholders?

From research, analysis and evaluation of strategic ideas, opportunities and threats, to developing and conducting project plans or implementation of identified solutions, our service offers you a low-risk, cost-effective solution for project completion.


Below are ideas and examples of ways in which you may consider engaging us to apply our skills and knowledge.

Contact us to see how we can help with your ‘to do’ list.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

The NDIS is the future for many allied health service providers and consumers. After working with NDIA policy makers, service providers and consumer groups, we can help your organisation optimise function within this scheme:

  • Transition and integration
  • Research and assessment of opportunity for your business
  • Embedding practices which facilitate choice and control
  • Assistance meeting NDIS service provider requirements
  • ILC funding applications

Clinical Governance

From developing professional standards to compliance with internal and external policy and legislation, clinical governance is a wide ranging and vital topic:

  • Development, revision and implementation of progressive standards
  • Competency standards: Ash, Susan; O'Connor, Jackie; Anderson, Sarah; Ridgewell, Emily, & Clarke, Leigh (2015) A mixed-methods research approach to the review of competency standards for orthotist/prosthetists in Australia. International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare, 13(2), pp. 93-103.
  • Adherence to standards
  • Review panels for accreditation teams and third party client documentation
  • Assist with meeting relevant legislative and service delivery requirements
  • Public Hospital Accreditation
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • University Accreditation requirements
  • Embedding and improving person-centred-care practices
  • Assessing the level of PCC practice
  • Identifying and implementing improvement solutions


From Government and other regulators to internal organisation policies:

  • Written policy response to external organisations
  • Translation of policy for practical application at system and consumer levels
  • Policy writing – development and revision of internal and external documentation

Clinical Evaluation

The ability to demonstrate the impact of service provision on client outcomes and health care costs is important, with evidence currently sparse across allied health:

  • Implementing appropriate outcome measures
  • Understanding the consumer experience in your area
  • Implementing ongoing consumer survey and analysis
  • Assessing the level of person-centred-care being delivered
  • General evidence gathering and literature searching

Organisation Assessment

Utilise our knowledge of the current policy and practice environment:

  • Strategic planning and evaluation; assessment of environmental threats
    and opportunities
  • Analysis
  • Determining your most cost effective practices
  • Identifying opportunities for workflow efficiencies
  • Implementing appropriate data collection practices

Organisation Streamlining

We aim to identify solutions that will increase your capacity without requiring more of your time:

  • Technological advancements - suitable e-practices from new manufacturing technology to administration systems
  • Alternative models and methods of service delivery
  • Streamline government agency engagement
  • Identify system structure efficiencies
  • Produce appropriate service manuals
  • Research options in your identified area of need

Grant Requests

External or internal organisation requests, it’s difficult to determine what might be suitable to apply for, let alone get the application done:

  • Background research to determine request details
  • Project development
  • Completion of the written application

Information Delivery

Contact us regarding the topic area and mode of delivery your stakeholders need, for example:

  • Sessional lecturing online for students
  • Webinars for stakeholders
  • Presentations and written information for consumers of allied health services