Who We Work With

Large or small, public or private, whether your organisation focuses on:



Healthcare delivery



Product supply

Our experience, skills and knowledge can be adapted to your specific needs.

Peak bodies seeking to improve regulatory standards and increase their capacity to respond to policy information, conduct projects and research.

Project example:

Allied Health Professions Australia: Allied Health Leaders network

The Allied Health Leaders Network (AHLN-online) is an online resource for allied health leaders who wish to linkup with others across Australia, to pursue inter-professional collaboration and sharing of information relevant to allied health teamwork in service delivery, research and education.

Allied Health Specialist Consultants were engaged to assist with identifying relevant content to promote within the network and to engage and
co-ordinate external experts to participate in online discussion.

The National Alliance of Self Regulating Health Professions (NASRHP): Standards development

This project aimed to develop a framework of minimum practice standards which self-regulating allied health peak bodies would enforce.

Government Agencies aiming to maximise consumer benefits from available funding.

Project example:

State Government allied health program regulator:
  • Third party review of individual client applications
  • System functionality review eg: Availability and cost of relevant assistive technology
  • Future scoping reviews eg: Advanced technology – availability and likely impact within the Australian setting

Service providers undergoing strategic change at a policy and operational level.

Project example:

Small and large organisations working to retain and/or expand market share with the implementation of the NDIS:
  • Assessment of appropriateness and opportunity for individual businesses
  • Navigating sign up processes
  • Implementing efficient operational practices
  • Assistance meeting service provider requirements

Support and advocacy groups working to improve consumer outcomes.

Project example:

  • Development of content for Amputee Fact Sheets

  • Revision of content for assisting consumers to develop SMART goals

Universities looking to integrate knowledge of current service delivery and regulatory standards into staff and student

Project example:

La Trobe University
  • Sessional lecturing and OSCE assessment
University of Sunshine Coast
  • Curriculum development including work integrated learning

Assistive Technology suppliers pursuing increased knowledge of their products among stakeholders.


We want to work with you to design a project which ensures
substantial value and desired outcomes are achieved within targeted
timeframes, generally this involves something like:

  • You contact us regarding what you need done
  • We meet with you to discuss your ideas and better understand your organisation
  • We provide a project proposal outlining tasks, timelines and costs
  • We work with you to refine the proposal and ensure outcomes and value are clear
  • You tell us when to get started
  • We apply our knowledge and skills to your unique situation
  • We produce the agreed deliverables
  • You have progressed your strategic plan in a low-risk, cost-effective manner

5 reasons working with Allied Health Specialist Consultants is cost-effective:

  • We aim to work virtually so you don’t need to find space for us
  • Our skills can compliment the team you have without the need
    for recruitment and training
  • You can utilise our services as frequently or infrequently as you require
  • We work with you to refine the proposal and ensure outcomes and value are clear
  • You can progress your strategic plan without compromising day
    to day tasks and work/life balance

To discuss how AHSC can progress your organisation contact us.